Development Approach


The mission of Candlewyck Baptist Church is to make the Preschool an extension of the church. The children will learn through and academic program which will meet each child’s needs, based on his/her emotional, physical and social development. The children will learn about God’s word in an environment of the Christian traditions through Bible verses, finger plays, songs, and interactive play with other children.

The teachers will be an extension of the parents in that they will be role models for the children. They will care, nurture, and help reinforce within a positive learning environment.

Spiritual Approach

Our teachers thorough out the school year include age appropriate Bible stories and music in their curriculum. The children go to chapel through out the school year, during a scheduled time with Pastor Allen and enjoy Bible stories and music.

We have a wonderful staff! All of the staff are Christian ladies who love children and love their job!

Our approach to spiritual development:

  • To help the child understand God’s love
  • To help each child understand that Jesus wants us to love one another
  • To develop the awareness that the Bible is the book about God and Jesus
  • To develop an awareness of themselves in a positive way

Discipline Policy

No child will be humiliated, shamed, frightened, or subjected to verbal or physical abuse by staff or by parents on the premises or during walking field trips. We fully recognize the right of every parent in Biblical methods of discipline. We support and work in cooperation with parents who place their children in our preschool. In discipline, we trust that praise and reinforcement are effective methods of managing the behavior of children. We desire to see each child develop self-discipline, respect for others and a value system based upon the Scripture.

Click the following link to review our complete discipline policy.